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2019, here I come!

12 Jan 2019 View Comments
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Another year had passed by, and it is already year 2019! The year 2018 was a bittersweet yet very fruitful year generally for me. I call it a bittersweet because I was not as disciplined as I hoped but still managed to have the required jobs completed. It was a fruitful year because I had a lot of exposures to the new algorithms and different frameworks/stacks and also I have managed to finish some difficult books I had on my bookshelf.

2018 Review

Blogging is still quite important to me, but I have to admit I procrastinated writing each week and it was only getting worse. Typically, I have somewhat a long list of what I wanted to cover on my blogs. Last year, I had been quite lazy even in creating these lists.

Having to go to the gym consistently is one of the hardest things for me. I noticed # of gym sessions had dropped significantly as well. I honestly thought I was going to the gym at least 5 times a week. But from the graph below, I would say more like 3 times a week. It is why I find these check-in history graphs valuable because you can get an accurate view of how you did in an entire year span.

2018 Steve Nash Gym Usage
2018 Steve Nash Gym Usage

I called the year 2018 fruitful above because of the chances I had to read different kinds of book genres. Not only I read a couple of exciting technology/programming books but also in areas such as cosmology, physics, philosophies and psychology. It is particularly interesting because I was reading a technology book that led me to read a book on quantum physics, which then led me to read a cosmology book. Then I got my interests in reading on psychological and philosophical books. They all seem to be very much related, and I am glad to find some other exciting book genres than just technological.

Year 2019 Resolutions. :two::zero::one::nine:

Honestly, my resolutions for the year 2019 stay as same as last year only because I could not keep up on making a lot of items list in 2018 resolution. I am still struggling to do even what I wanted to do in 2018. I am excited and grateful that there are still a lot of mountains ahead of me to climb. I look forward to 2019!

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