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Another happy new year!

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The year 2017 sure went fast!

I have vivid memories of writing the resolution for the year 2017 last year. The year 2017 was both important and meaningful year for me. I have completed most of the resolution items listed on the resolution list and I am extremely happy with how I spent and finished the year 2017.

Reviewing the Year 2017

In the past year, I obviously couldn’t write blog posts every single Saturdays due to other schedules but I tried to write a post at least once a week. Also, I managed to develop many more Java algorithms. I am hoping to increase algorithms for other languages as well this year. Going to the gym have always been my main theme. I have gone to the gym at least 5-6 days a week consistently.

2017 Steve Nash Gym Usage
2017 Steve Nash Gym Usage

As for stylish dressing, I tried (and tried) to be stylish but I ended up with black/white t-shirt with the jean (almost every day). I feel like this style is the simplest yet the most glamorous (#seriously).

For reading books, I have managed to read at least 5 technological books. By reading them, I feel like I have not only educated myself in technological aspects but also my reading/comprehension skills developed in general. I had chances to reflect my thoughts against the author’s thoughts and make any improvements myself if necessary.

Lastly, being a better listener is much harder than it sounds. I literally have to listen in to other person’s whole sentences and agree/disagree with gentleness and kindness. I have tried to tune into other people but I sure have a long way to go until I become a better listener because I am still interrupting others too much during the conversation. The conversation eventually becomes an argument. I need to be able to perceive other people’s thoughts in a humble manner.

Year 2018 Resolutions. :two::zero::one::eight:

Let me set these resolutions for the year 2018 which I will review again next year. :sunglasses:

1. Consistency, Consistency & Consistency :runner:

As always, this one stays on top of the list.

  1. Continue writing a blog once a week :pencil:
  2. Continue building algorithms in GitHub
  3. Continue going to the gym :muscle:

2. Healthy lifestyle

Going to the gym is a definite necessity to live a healthier life, but it is just another ingredient to a healthier lifestyle. In order to have a healthy lifestyle, I find following items more important than just exercising all day.

  1. Relationship with people.

    As for the relationship with people, I mean having the responsibility of caring and thinking of others discreetly and honestly. When you have a healthy relationship with others, you have the inner comforts which I believe will lead to a healthy lifestyle alltogether.
  2. Hobbies

    It is quite meaningful to have hobbies in life. My current regular hobbies consist of writing blogs, collecting algorithms, beer tasting, and gym. These hobbies are what shapes my life. There may be new hobbies in the future which may really be anything. Whatever it maybe, I will put my everything to be satisfactory of me.
  3. Diet

    I would put "Diet" the most important matter in my life. In order to have and maintain the healthy body, you need to carefully watch and monitor what you consume to your body. After unwell for couple of years in the past, I have realized that the health is the most precious thing in your life. The first and foremost element to have in order to have a healty lifestyle is actually the physical health. I realized nothing really matters to you when you are sick.

3. Humble life

  1. Be thankful

    No matter how awful and trivial the situation might be, I should always be thankful for the situation. Well, at least, I have a life. That alone is something to be thankful for everyday. I strongly believe being thankful brings me the inner peace. It allows me to have flexible and malleable thoughts toward others.
  2. Self-control

    Unfortunately, as many others do, I get naturally lazy. I am not advocating myself to restrain on every unnecessary behaviors. I just think a balanced regulation is required to live a happy and well-maintained life.
  3. Remain calm

    One of my weaknesses is that I am easily overexcited in a conversation where I end up being the only speaker in the conversation in a very loud voice. This is the area where I need to build my listening skills. I need to learn how to control my behaviors. In order to control my behavior, remaining calm (with a deep breath) is the key.

4. Take care of people around you

As I am concentrating too much on my side of things, I am easily neglecting to build a good relationship with people. At the very least, I should send them a message once in a while to see how they are doing. Especially, I should spend more time with my family. I should check out on my immediate families (including my mother, father, and sister) to check on their status at least once a week.

5. 6 minutes of meditation

This would be an excellent start to a day by practicing it every morning. I can organize and review what my day will look like every day. Also, I am hoping this meditation would help me remaining calm without too many difficulties.

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