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We have yet to see flying cars hit the market, but it’s already 2020. Many events happened in 2019 for me, some are exciting, some are not so much. My 2019 resolutions last year were hard to see throughout the year. As usual, there are three main goals that I would like to keep in the year 2020. I have previously addressed these goals mixed into other resolutions. Ultimately, I want to develop them into my daily habits, which is tough, but “hey, gotta try, right?”

1. Have I read enough books?

Every year, I have a goal of reading at least one book a month. However, in 2019, I read around ten books (non-technical). Unlike the previous years, although I spent time reading programming/computer books, I do not prefer to count these in as they are really for gaining my technological knowledge, not for any enjoyment out of literacy.

Interestingly, some of the 2019 books focused on non-fiction psychology. Presumably, I have interests in that domain, although I do not see myself that way. I like flickering with minds and discover why I act/think the way I think. Books I read include “Predictably Irrational,” “12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos,” and “Thinking, fast and slow.” These are all excellent sources for finding out some psychological aspects of your behaviour.

In 2020, I wish to spend time reading some classic books such as “The Great Gatsby,” “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” or “Demian,” to name a few. I have been procrastinating reading these books for at least a couple of years. I seem to be lacking the commitment, which is why I would like to present them here so I can have a proper review of them in the next year’s resolution.

2. Have I been consistently exercising?

Presumably not. Well, I kept going to the gym on average 3 times a week, which is adequate, I guess. Considering that I used to go to the gym twice a day before, 3 times a week certainly wasn’t enough.

On a serious note, I have been consistently asking myself this question for a while, “Why do I exercise? What exactly is my goal?”. It isn’t to build muscles. It isn’t to show off to ladies. It isn’t to fulfill my self-satisfaction. Then what is it!? Honestly, I cannot say I like going to the gym. In fact, I feel terrible walking into the gym. I run to the gym without much thinking because I know I will feel better walking out of the gym.

In the end, the answer is my “Health.” As some of you might already know, I was extremely ill in 2012, which motivated me to workout. It was difficult in the beginning, but reminiscing those awful days stuck in the hospital for days encouraged me to push forward. I began seeing the result immediately. I eventually cut off on the medication and was feeling better than any other day. You could say I am a firm believer in workouts leading to a healthier mind and body.

If I am exercising for my health, “3 times a week” cannot be that bad. Honestly, “3 times a week” may be a lousy excuse to skip the workout. But on the contrary, it is also an excellent excuse for me to go to the gym at least “3 times a week.”

3. Have I been a helpful family member?

I tried, and I will try again this year and the following year and the year after.. to be a better family member. I believe that is all I can do in my current situation. Be thankful for all the stuff my parents and my sister have done for me and be available when they require hands from me.

I find the “availability” the most valuable trait for being a helpful family member. However, this doesn’t mean to sit and wait until they ask. Take initiatives. Find out how you can be of assistance to them. At the same time, ask members if they need me and seek what you can do to help them. I think this is a great approach to be “available” to become a great family member.

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