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24 Jun 2016 View Comments
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:kr: I have been listening to Korean musics these days. My point of view in Korean musics were basically can be grouped into two: pop or old pop.

One day, I came across a Korean singer, Busker Busker's Jang Bum Joon (장범준). He has good ability make his own music from both pop + old pop. Even though he is not much aged at all, he can remake some of the old pops turn into his modern style. He has a special vocal sound which defines who he is. Also, most of his songs are relaxed and easy-to-listen.

Sometimes you would find his songs are some-what repetitive and similar style in most of the songs. However, that is what I like about him. He has his own colour to his songs.

Here are some of his songs I have been enjoying listening to lately :blush:

The Flower (꽃송이가)

Spring Rain (봄비)

Falling in Love Immediately (사랑에 빠져요)

Fallen in Love (사랑에 빠졌죠)

Yeosu Night Sea (여수 밤바다)

Cherry Blossom Ending (벚꽃엔딩)

Difficult Woman (어려운 여자)

Reminiscence (회상)

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