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25 Sep 2016 View Comments
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Joining a New team at the Company

I have been extremely busy these days. Normally I have enough time to do other things but these days seems to be nothing but work+gym+sleep plus a little bit of studying in between. I am trying to find a time to hang out with my wife more, but it has mostly been on Friday or Saturday for an actual date. It has been a bit tougher than before to go out on weekdays. I barely make it home by 8-9 PM after my gym session. Well, all these busy-ness comes from relocating into a new team starting this month. Honestly, I have already been doing quite a bit of Java with my previous role and I find the guys here are doing mostly similar things as I have been doing. However, the size of the team is about three times bigger than the team I was in before. There are more developers reviewing my changes and obviously, but that also means there are good chances for me reviewing other people’s code and can see how they are doing at the same time. It is a win-win situation.

Full-time Java Developer

On my previous role, I would say about 70-80% of the time I have been concentrating writing/maintaining the code in Perl. Everyone had the mutual understanding that I am hired as a Perl developer that I do not require to write in Java which motivated other Java developer to implement. No one expected us Perl developers to implement/fix in Java hence work on Java was not required too much. However, now with this new team, I am a full Java Developer. I do nothing but working in Java all day. Honestly, I love both languages. Well.. to be really honest, I actually find it easier to work in Java than Perl because of powerful IDE as I was developing in vim for Perl. It’s probably because I like the abstraction / bounded aspects (more restrictions) Java language features. With Perl, I had many ways to solve problems and the language itself is much flexible. It could be one line of code or 10 lines of codes. The Clean Code portion was not big of a deal in Perl. One liner that other developers did not understand wasn’t a big deal, even promoted, I would say. It would be up to another developer to understand that obfuscation. With Java, there are rules and people follow the standards which makes the code more readable (which is super important) but what’s really important from my experience? Writing and Following these rules greatly help the future development (fewer errors likely pop up with clean code). I guess I could have forced Perl developers to write the cleanest code as possible, but then they would argue, performance is terrible if I started doing that! Well, to me, performance will follow with you as you write code cleanly. Making some code extensively longer, will not have much impact, if not any, on performance. Anyways… too much talk on clean code LOL


It has not even been a month since I moved to the new team to start working as a Full Jave Developer. I still have a lot more to find out about the product at the new team. I really feel like this is a good challenge and truly am excited! I should be doing this more often, switching teams I mean.. hehe. I feel like there used to be this “smooth” wheels rotating every day. However, now I feel I just replaced this “smooth” wheel to something really “rough” and that I am smoothing it out! Perhaps when the wheel is all smoothed again, I will try and find another awesome team :)

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